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We Provide What You Need to Get the Job Done Right!

At Eagle Rock Concrete, we take pride in sourcing the best quality materials for our customers. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Traditional Concrete Mixes

We offer a large variety of concrete mix designs and compressive strengths to fulfill all your needs, including: footings, foundations, slabs, walls, flowable fill, block fill and paving. Our technical team takes great pride in developing and providing quality mixes that are capable of meeting your specific needs. Please give us a call, and allow us to find the perfect mix for your project.

Synthetic Fibers

In the plastic or unhardened state, synthetic fibers help to reduce the degree of initial settlement cracks or plastic shrinkage cracks. In the hardened state, synthetic fibers help to lower the permeability of the concrete and increase its abrasion resistance.

Non-Chloride Accelerators

Accelerating admixtures are used to improve the setting time and early compressive strength of concrete mixes significantly.

Water Reducer (Mid-High Range)

Water-reducing admixtures allow us to produce higher-slump concrete, for easier placement and workability, while also maintaining a lower water/cement ratio to provide the necessary compressive strength for your project.


Commonly used during the summer months when temperatures cause concrete to harden faster, retarding admixtures provide uniform control of the setting time. Placing and finishing personnel benefit from longer working times and increased finishing characteristics.

Hot Water

At Eagle Rock Concrete, we are capable of heating our concrete mix water (well or recycled) in order to help decrease the set time and protect your cold weather concrete project

Chilled Water

In order to help you during the heat of the summer, Eagle Rock Concrete can provide chilled water in our concrete mix to help increase the setting time and the uniformity of your finish.

Flowable Fill

The versatile “liquid soil,” is placed as a flowable liquid, yet hardens and rapidly develops excellent load-bearing properties with no compaction necessary.

Expansion Board

Expansion joints permit volume change movement of a concrete structure or member.

Bin Blocks

In our effort to reduce and reuse waste, each of our batch plants makes concrete blocks with leftover concrete. We have numerous sizes from 2’x’2’x2’ to 2’x2’x6’. Please call your local facility to coordinate the purchase.

Integral Color

Add color to both vertical and horizontal construction projects to enhance the architectural appeal of your project.

Exposed Aggregate

Add some variety to your driveway or patio. Our team has the expertise and willingness to work with a variety of aggregates.

Resources and Technical Data

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