At Eagle Rock Concrete, we feel all your projects are high-profile and deserving of our most focused attention. When you choose Eagle Rock Concrete as your ready-mix concrete supplier, you choose a dedicated partner in your project.

Research & Development

Once you team up with Eagle Rock Concrete, our quality-control engineers go to work, using the newest, innovative technology and equipment needed to provide you with quality mixes that not only meet, but exceed the specifications for your project. Our research and development experience enables us to focus on designing high-quality, value-added products at a cost savings to you.

Customer Service

Continuing through your project, your technical sales representative, with Eagle Rock Concrete’s dedication to customer service, will be there. From the first construction-site meeting to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we provide a partner throughout the entire project who offers a job-site presence and plant monitoring, ensuring you receive the high-quality mixes and service you deserve.

  • Merts plants up to X cubic yards per hour
  • Eagle Rock Concrete’s batch plants are strategically located throughout the Triangle area with easy access to I-540 and other major transportation corridors.
  • Quality Control — Level III Technicians:
    • All of our concrete plants utilize state-of-the-art computerized batching systems. Every cubic yard of concrete is batched to within one % tolerance of the actual mix design. The computer will not allow you to load a batch of concrete if it is out of tolerance. The correction must be made before allowing discharging of the ingredients. The theoretical and actual batch weights of every load of concrete are stored in the computer for later reference. From these numbers, we can control inventory by tracking all incoming deliveries and outgoing material used. We know what our material on hand is at all times.
    • Our professional team of technicians sample concrete specimens and aggregates materials on a daily basis. They perform field testing as well as sample testing to help customers who have specific concrete-mix designs or special needs such as decorative, low- or high-strength or special placement.
  • Technical Sales: Our NRMCA-Certified Concrete Technologists are committed to meeting your needs. With industry-leading technical knowledge and over 50 years of sales experience, our team is ready to assist you to meet the needs of each project.
  • Experience: Our team has over 100 years of experience producing concrete in our local markets.


Eagle Rock Concrete can help your project achieve LEED-Certification. Visit our Environmental Page for more information or contact an Eagle Rock Concrete Representative for more information.

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